Credits & Usage Rights

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The typeface used for the logo is Kontrapunkt (freely provided by the design Kontrapunkt) and the headers and nav use League Gothic (an open-source font from The League of Movable Type). Web versions of League Gothic is provided by FontSquirrel @font-face Generator.

Logo Design & Usage Rights

The Balsa Man logo is also designed by Colin Fahrion. The Balsa Man logo may be used on blogs or in print to promote or write about Balsa Man. The Balsa Man logo may also be used/remixed for personal use. Commercial use of the Balsa Man logo and/or selling any merchandise that uses the Balsa Man logo is strictly forbidden.


  • The large upshot of the Balsa Man was taken by Colin Fahrion.
  • The Balsa Man on fire shot to the right of the logo (see original) was taken by Foxgrrl.
  • Additional photo credits many be found connected with the photos themselves.

Before reusing any of these photos on this website, please review the photographers copyright policy by visiting their flickr page (or other website) and contacting the photographer where appropriate.


All content on Balsa Man is copyright of Balsa Man and the author. Unless otherwise noted, all content is authored by Colin Fahrion. Content can be quoted or sampled with attribution and in keeping with fair use guidelines.