Balsa Man Photo Policy

August 15th, 2009 by Colin

In light of the recent online discussions regarding photography rights and privacy during events, Balsa Man has prepared its Terms & Conditions which includes use regulations for photography, video, or film.

Photography, Video, and Film

All people within the boundaries of the Balsa Man event, hereafter assumed to be line-of-sight, accept that BALSA MAN RETAINS ALL RIGHTS TO ALL THUMBNAILS OF ANY PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO, OR FILM THAT IS TAKEN AT THE EVENT. Rights for full size versions of photographs and video remain property of the photographer/videographer/camera operator.

The Balsa Man Terms & Conditions page also includes regulations regarding Health & Safety and liability. By visiting this website you agree to all regulations contained within.

We hope this document clears up any confusion.

14 Responses to “Balsa Man Photo Policy”

  1. Electronic Frontier Foundation (eff) 's status on Friday, 04-Sep-09 19:48:10 UTC - Says:

    […] Balsa Man photo policy claims rights to thumbnails of all photos taken at event: […]

  2. informed observer Says:

    It is important to point out that your policy is uninformed, unenforcable, and illegal:
    Have a nice day.

  3. Mary Hodder Says:

    You don’t need to *own* the thumbnails.. instead just state that users agree to give you a non-exclusive unrevokable right to use the thumbnails.

    There is no reason for any organization to *own* anything a user produces. Instead, just share the rights with your org, and if the user deletes, you can still name, link and post the thumb to the deleted work because it is a record that the work once existed.


  4. informed observer Says:

    Follow-up comment: Balsa man burning is observable from space via direct line of sight.
    Please explain with detailed citations how you claim and maintain photography rights for alien civilizations. Thank you.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Rahul Jain Says:

    Without a definition of “thumbnail”, this is completely unenforceable. What is “full size” when you can scale an image trivially?

  6. Balsa Man Photo Policy Claims Rights To All Thumbnails of Event Says:

    […] directs our attention to the Balsa Man photo policy which claims all rights to all thumbnails of the event. Touché my […]

  7. photo freedom fighter Says:

    What is this, the Vietnam War? Why in God’s name would you threaten to rip off photog’s fingernails? And why just the thumb?

  8. DTW Says:

    Are you people serious? Have you even bothered to look at the rest of this site? Do you have any sense of humor at all?

  9. liliffi Says:

    Would the thumbnail be 1/16th the size of the actual photo? No matter what I think the thumbnail size ought to be based on scale.

  10. Kimowan Says:

    I would answer that a thumbnail-sized photo be about the size of, well, a thumbnail, fully intact and not freakish.

  11. happycat.brian Says:

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, than the thumbnail must be worth at least a dozen or so…

  12. john Says:

    hahahaha jesus christ people how has not a single commenter realized this is hilarious yet

  13. jojo Says:

    Cultural reference required.

    also, read the rest of the site before making a comment.

  14. Cruella Says:

    Too funny! Classic media prank, nothing funnier than watching people not get a joke.

    Incidentally, I’m wondering about that ACLU page and how it relates to Indian reservations. Some will routinely confiscate your camera if you try to take pictures of ceremonies.