Toothpick’s Vampire Bar (Grant Awardee)

August 6th, 2010 by Colin

Bats, red wine, Bela Legosi, and Austin, Texas. A strange combination for sure but certainly an interesting one: Toothpick’s Vampire Bar.

The committee was divided on this one. First off, the BPAF has never before awarded an art grant for a bar before, and this was especially an issue here since the request was unapologetically for the “finest libations Trader Joe’s can offer.” Secondly, we don’t know how old this Douglas Worley is, for all we knew he’s some twilight emo kid and we could get in trouble for encouraging underaged drinking.

In the end, the BPAF decided award the grant on both it’s merit’s and it’s novelty being the first grant we’ve ever gotten from Austin, Texas. However, we are only awarding it only for purchase of toothpicks, which we did a search for and you can buy a pack of 2500 craft toothpicks for $1.82 on Also, since we think you’re a nice kid, we’ll toss in another couple bucks so you can buy a juice box—bringing your total grant award to $3.82!

Toothpick's Vampire Bar (front)

Toothpick's Vampire Bar (back)

Congratulations Douglas! I’m sure your Toothpick Vampire Bar will be the best vampire bar on la playa! Oh and try not to sparkle too much, it creates a lot of moop.

4 Responses to “Toothpick’s Vampire Bar (Grant Awardee)”

  1. Ruth Temple Says:

    Hilarious! But hasn’t two-buck Chuck gone up to $3? Glad the mini-grant covers it!

  2. Grampire Says:

    It warms my cold, desiccated heart to see the youngin’s of today supporting the Undead community. This Toothpick, whoever he is, must be a fine standup revenant.

    Thank you to the BPAF for awarding this tiny grant to Toothpick.

  3. Annika Says:

    Yay Dougie! So proud of you. Don’t spend it all in one place. Wait….what?

  4. Razor Says:

    Wow that ought to cover the toothpicks and a tiny bottle 1oz tester bottle or two of great wine. I bet you could get the milar for the dome cover, the pyramids material and paint and even the rest of the decor donated or found? I wish I could see it, take pictures…use a spy cam?