Give Us a Little Feedback

September 9th, 2011 by Colin

How was your slight smidgen of experience? Let us know! Each year after the event, Balsa Man staff play video games, read books, and generally procrastinate as a means to avoid having to do anything to do with Balsa Man. This year we promise to at least think about it a little, maybe when we are in the shower.

This year our theme of “Growing Pains” became quite literal what with the chaos of ticket sales, our very hastily trained Gate staff, and the necessitated moderately dramatic relocation. There are may questions and small hurdles for Balsa Man going forward and we would like to hear your feedback — as long as it isn’t excessively loquacious.

A general response highlighting the most prominent feedback will be posted later on the Balsa Blog. We want to hear from new and old Balsars alike. Please email your comments both good and bad to or in the comments below.

Thanks for taking the tiny amount of time to contribute your thoughts. We promise our intern will at least glean what you have to say. Looking forward to 2012!


5 Responses to “Give Us a Little Feedback”

  1. debkakes Says:

    We had a wonderful time. All the schlepping was, well, you know, part of the experience! I was a virgin, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but the people were nice, things burned, I got married twice, and got to make some Art (SLIT). Good show, hope you can find a welcoming place to toss this fete next year.

  2. hanner Says:

    I was very glad that the 2nd location worked out. Well, at least it worked for a little while! Part of the fun was the sweaty haul up the hill from the beach and the fevered rush to the 2nd location. It was kind of like being in a really poorly paced action film. It was my first year, but I know it will be full of posers next year.
    Our decompression of living room cocktails and bad chinese delivery food in plastic boxes was the perfect finish. I think it should go on the list of directions for newbies.

  3. Fredius Rinneus Says:

    Despite all the chaos, it managed to rock my little world. Unfortch, the Balsa Man Opera KuntstGruppe was unable to to perform an EXREMELY compressed version of Wagner’s Ring Cycle”The Tiny Grant was put to good use (beer and cookies) Next year you should do it on the ROOF of a Police Station. They’d NEVER suspect it there!

  4. Yatima Says:

    We had a ball. My kids enjoyed holding the ends of the Shark Jump Rope and handing out the stickers, and all the participants were very sweet to them. The hasty relocation was a great Teachable Moment (“Mama, why did the police want to stop us?” “Well, honey, I’m so glad you asked! Sometimes the police exceed their authority and it is the duty of conscientious citizens to, etc etc…”) The burn looked really beautiful against the backdrop of industrial bay.

  5. Robert Says:

    My buddy and I came in from Oakland, rode BART and the 1 California out to the beach. We showed up early, and then all of a sudden there were a couple of hundred mellow people in a good mood surrounding tiny sculptures. It was fun to help place some of the tiny ‘burma-shave’ signs. The shark almost bit me when I jumped, but I landed ok. My buddy (who was not dressed that warmly) really really enjoyed his tiny cup of coffee from center camp cafe. We caught a last-minute ride from some dedicated balsa-burners and made it across town just in time for the balsa man burn. Quite spectacuolar and impressive. Looking forward to a setting with no presence of uptight law enforcerment. We were inspired. Thank You!