Balsa Regionals

Balsa Man Japan 2010 Catbus! (photo by toitoi)

Balsa Man Japan 2010 Catbus! (photo by toitoi)

The Balsa Man Organization encourages tiny art enthusiasts to start their own Balsa Regional no matter where they live! If you are interested in leading a regional in another part of the country or the world we’d love to hear from you! Please contact our regional organizer at

Balsa Regional Lead Responsibilities

  • Build the central Balsa sculpture for the regional — does not have to be anything like the Balsa Man. We encourage you to take liberties and design something that suits your region — the 2010 London Balsa Regional had a Balsa Big Ben
  • Encourage others to make their own Tiny Art and participant at the event.
  • Optionally host a tiny art build party for tiny artists making tiny art for the regional.
  • Secure an area for the regional and manage tiny art placement prior to the burn.
  • Run the Balsa Burn itself — remember it’s a tiny burn so it shouldn’t last more than an hour or so.

Balsa Regional Lead Perks

  • A tiny art grant from BPAF to be used for materials expenses for building the central figure of the Balsa Regional.
  • A Balsa Man patch to wear with pride.
  • A pack of Balsa Man stickers to give to volunteers and participants who create tiny art for the Balsa Regional.
  • Tiny sense of satisfaction
For inspiration we suggest that you check out the Balsa Regionals category of the Balsa Blog which has several posts talking about the past regionals.