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Balsa Man Custom Dice!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

In celebration of this year’s theme “Chance” we are getting custom Balsa Man dice made by Chessex! These custom dice will be available at the upcoming Balsa Man Ticket Casino events and Tiny Art Build Parties (stay tuned to the Balsa Blog, twitter, or facebook for announcements). Also, high level Micro and Nano Donors will be sent a set of dice as an extra award.

Tiny Artists Come Out Of The Woodwork

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Many tiny artists came out of the woodwork and showed up at last night’s Tiny Art Party! Billfrog was there whittling away a block of balsa making the egg chair for his art grant awarded project  Big-Assed Worms.

Billfrog whittles away

 Suzanne Forbes was there creating her largest sculpture yet, a huge phoenix. You may remember Suzanne from some of her gorgeous works from years prior like the magnificent Balsa Betty.

Balsa Pheonix by Suzanne Forbes

Many tiny artists were thankful for the balsa wood and tools provided by the Black Pebble Arts Foundation — which we were able to provide thanks to our donors! New tiny artists such as Tom Cauchois were able to show up with only a ounce of an idea and leave with a finished art project!

COLINWOOD Sign by Tom Cauchois

At the end of the evening Tom had finished his COLINWOOD sign. We interviewed Tom and he had this to say…

My affection for Balsa Man triggered the connection in my brain and heart to combine a “take” on the famous “Harveywood” sign, the name of Colin, founder of Balsa Man, and how his passion for art has turned Baker Beach into a thriving tinytropolis full of art.  I also hoped to create an art platform that would honor all of the fabulous artists whose works have thrilled me since my arrival on baker beach for the first time.

Granted we have no idea what this “famous Harveywood sign” is — when pressed he said it was a in-joke among Black Rock Desert campers — but hey at least it means something to Tom.

The BPAF looks forward to seeing all this tiny art and more at this year’s Balsa Man!

Dislike PayPal?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

The BPAF knows that many of you do not like PayPal for a number of reasons. This is why we have added WePay as a method to donate to help support tiny art at Balsa Man.

You can donate via WePay using your bank account or a credit card using the button below. Note that the same donor award levels apply so you will get stickers and patches according to your donation level.

Pay on WePay

IMPORTANT: Saturday Aug 28th at 6pm is the cut off date if you want your donor awards delivered prior to the main event. We will still ship awards for donations after this date but we cannot guarantee that you will get them in time.

Teenystarter: Wee Fundraising

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

teenystarter, wee fundraisingAnnouncing Teenystarter, wee fundraising for tiny artists! Tiny artists set a meager monetary goal and if they reach that goal they get to keep all the proceeds.

Due to the minute amounts of these goals, donations can only be made in person (either directly to the artist or to a BPAF representative). We are beginning this wonderful program with two Teenystarters:

Teenystarter: The Cafe That Wanted To Be Art (Goal: $10.64)

Due to the BPAF shrug bylaw The Cafe That Wanted To Be Art did no get the full funding they requested. In order to make up the $10.64, QueGee has announced she will be raising funds at this Sunday’s San Francisco Tiny Art Build Party.

Of course, admission to Tiny Art Build Party is free. The CTWTBA Fundraiser will be hosted at the same location, with suggested donation of separate sliding scale of 1¢–25¢ per person with all proceeds going to the CTWGBA Teenystarter. QueGee will also be accepting small donations for her teenystarter in person prior to the event.

Teenystarter: Black Rock Balsa Man Regional (Goal: $20)

Steve Courtney will be having a fundraiser for the Black Rock Balsa Man Regional and his small camp Fandango this Thursday, 6-10pm, at The Sycamore (2140 Mission Street, SF).

Voluntary admission fee at the door, (pay whatever you want) and that will get you Happy Hour prices all night. If you come down and donate a few bucks to us at the door, you get to knock a buck off your beer and/or wine all night. Also, PBR is $2 and Miller High Life is $3. A percentage of the door donations go to the Black Rock Regional Teenystarter; the rest goes to Fandango so they can afford to buy a camp chair or two.

In addition: there will be a Balsa Man Regional “Build-Night” in the back yard. You can come down and build tiny art to be burned in the desert, even if you aren’t going. (Tiny art materials will be supplied, but feel free to bring your own if you have a specific project in mind.)

Fandango & Black Rock Balsa Regional Fundraiser Happy Hour
Thursday, Aug 19th, 6pm-10pm
The Sycamore (2140 Mission Street, SF)


The BRD Balsa Man Regional received it’s first Teenystarter relatively large donor! Carnivillian, photographer and blogger of has donated $6.66 towards their meager goal!

Avoid Craigslist Scams!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
Craigslist Counterfeit Balsa Man Ticket

Craigslist Counterfeit Balsa Man Ticket

Looks like our previous post about counterfeit Balsa Man tickets don’t reach out to enough people. We’ve unfortunately found two people on craigslist who didn’t get the message and are looking for Balsa Man tickets.

More alarming we ran across one scammer trying to hoodwink the small minded by selling an obvious counterfeit ticket (see photo).

Also, in our search, we found someone looking for a ride to Balsa Manwe do recommend ride sharing.


Truly Support Tiny Art Through Donations

I know that the utter amazingness of the Balsa Man event can seem unbelievable at times. With all the hucksters online it’s hard to know what to believe these days.

However, know this: we truly do use the proceeds from donations and the sale of patchs, stickers, and engraved x-acto boxes to support tiny artists…

  • Every Donor get’s an official letter of donor recognition and a gift depending on their level of donation (see donor award gifts)
  • Every Tiny Artist who is awarded a grant is sent a letter of confirmation along with their grant award money and a gift of a Balsa Man sticker (see tiny art grants).
  • Donations also pay for materials and supplies for Tiny Art Build Parties.
  • The BPAF Art Grant budget relies on you the donor to support tiny art. The more you donate the more tiny art we can support!

Balsa Man 2010 PatchRemember last year there was such a high demand for patches that we ran out a couple weeks prior to the event. This year, we made more swank limited edition patches but we still expect to run out and once they run out we won’t make any more. So to get yours donate today!

Tonight, the BPAF will be mailing out all art grant awards and the gift packages to all the donors who’ve given thus far. If you donate today your gift package will be included in this shipment; next shipment won’t be until next week.

Calling all Tiny Artists!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Monkey and the Snake, photo by akbuttercupThe Black Pebble Arts Foundation is open for tiny art grant proposals!

Last year, of the 33 tiny artists who applied for tiny art grants only one was turned down—I can’t remember why they were declined but I’m sure the BPAF committee had a good reason. And yet we couldn’t help but notice that there were a number of tiny artists who brought tiny art to Balsa Man yet didn’t submit for a tiny art grant. We encourage all tiny artists to submit grants for this years Balsa Man for there is no better way to be inspired and to inspire others than to see your awarded grant enshrined on the Balsa Blog!

Proposals should be sent to the BPAF on a postcard with a 100–200 word description and/or sketch of your tiny art project. The BPAF committee prefers to receive postcards in the mail; however, we do accept scanned postcard proposals or digital artwork. Please contact for the mailing address. For more details on how to submit for a grant is on the Tiny Art & Grants page.

And remember the tiny art budget depends on you! Donate to the BPAF to support tiny artists!

And yes Balsa Man 2010 Patchs & Stickers are in production!