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Temple of Baby Steps

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

We are overwhelmingly excited for this year’s Temple! We weren’t even sure for a while there that there would be a temple this year.

Unfortunately, when grant committee member Sunshine saw the front of the postcard she suddenly leaped out of her chair and ran out screaming “Not Happy Birthday!!! Not Happy Birthday!!!” The last time Sunshine reacted so vehementally to an art grant request was for the Roving Hoagie back in 2009. After waiting a whole 6 minutes for Sunshine to get back, the committee decided to go on without her.

Temple of Baby Steps by Morley (front)

Temple of Baby Steps by Morley (front)

Temple of Baby Steps by Morley (back)

Temple of Baby Steps by Morley (back)

Ms. Morley Roarly, the artist who submitted this proposal, was involved in 2009 with the Balsa Man Krew and is a well recognized tiny artist. We are honored to have her take on the mantle of building the temple for 2011.

Some on the committee were concerned by the lack of any sketch or even hint at a design, but in the end it was agreed to award her the grant based on her meticulous handwriting and the theme-perfect name The Temple of Baby Steps. Congratulations Ms. Morley Roarly, the Black Pebble Arts Foundation has awarded you a nearly-full request of $34.90! *

*Randy Razorwire demanded we minus 10¢ for misspelling the word bourbon.

Templini of Flux

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Balsa participants have been clamoring at our diminutive door wanting to know about this year’s temple…

“I’ve stack of post-it’s where I write every minor quibble and fleeting frustration I’ve had through out the past year! Only by watching the tiny temple burn will I be able to find closure on each and every one of these 200 annoyances… oh wait make that 200 and 1”
~ Johnny Driftwood

Well Johnny, we are happy to announce that not only will there will be a temple this year, but it is being built by the same artists that built the Temple of Reduced Expectations in 2008! The amazing team of J-Rad & SparkleBottom, who were also part of the Balsa Man Kcrew, have taken on the task of building a beautiful structure that will assuage at least a handful of your limited grievances:

The Templini of Flux!

Templini of Flux (front)

Templini of Flux (front)

Templini of Flux (back)

Templini of Flux (back)

The Black Pebble Arts Foundation has awarded the Templini of Flux the full amount requested, $20, which is the largest grant we’ve handed out this year! The BPAF would like to support other star projects at this high amount but we won’t be able to without your support. So please donate today to support more of the tiny art you love and get your own Balsa Man 2010 patch and sticker!

We are all truly excited and can’t wait to see it standing proud on la playa. Construction has already begun on the Templini and you can see the detail and care going into it from this photo posted by J-Rad.

Templini under construction, by J-Rad

Templini under construction, by J-Rad

Tiny Art Grant Award: Temple of Pet Peeves

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Gnomes, paper doilies, Bambi with an upside down Hebrew letter tav on it’s forehead, and nigh indecipherable psychotic chicken scratching. Oh and something about a Temple of Pet Peeves, so they might be building a temple… Or they might not.… We’re really not sure. Hell we’re not even completely sure that Sophia & Ray are completely sane.

Anyway, we had Joseph check the Balsa Man bylaws and it doesn’t say anything about how many temples Balsa Man is supposed to have. So, Balsa Man 2009 might go down as the year of the dueling temples: The Temple of Minor Irregularities Vs. the Temple of Pet Peeves.

Congratulations Sophia & Ray! The BPAF has granted you a tiny art grant of $2 for your Temple of Pet Peeves or whatever it is you are planning on building.

Temple of Pet Peeves (front)

Temple of Pet Peeves (back)

Now remember we gave you a grant so uh… if the gnomes tell you to do anything bad to us—or our pets—don’t listen to them!

The Temple of Minor Irregularities

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

In this era of 140-character limit ubiquity, we need ways to commemorate our most fleeting of thoughts, our passing interests, our Tweets of Fancy.

One of the most wonderfully and thematically underwhelming experiences of last year’s Balsa Man event was the Temple of Reduced Expectations. The tradition of a temple to commemorate your Ritalin-addled attention span returns this Balsa Man Tiny Art Festival 2009.

An irregular temple for an irregular event

Temple of Tiny IrregularitiesNo longer part of a complete puzzle, the pieces used to create the Temple of Minor Irregularities come from all manner of puzzle boxes—each with a different story and background. Separate from their box, they no longer have a predetermined place to fit in. Each now an irregular piece, yet no more irregular than the next. The Temple becomes their home; a place that is more than a sum of its irregular parts much like the Balsa Man community.

Or I could be a huge art fag, and this is just a bunch of cardboard with puzzle pieces glued to it. I dunno, it’s art. You choose.

What does the Temple Mean to YOU?

Sacred spaces the world over are places for people to commune with forces beyond their understanding. Ideas larger than what we can logically fathom take physical form in these temples, churches, holy landmarks and places of pilgrimages.

This Temple is no different in function, just in form.

And stature… Well, and longevity.

We invite you to make an offering to the Temple of Minor Irregularities, and to the diminutive dieties you revere!

How do I send my Post-It Prayer?

  1. Find a Sticky Note pad from one of the Temple Team, or bring your own.
  2. Ensure your miniature mantras contain no more than 140 characters.
  3. Fold up your Post-It Prayer, and put it in the Temple at the appointed time.
  4. Achieve some small comfort as the Puny Pantheon sends your Post-It Prayer up in flames.

The Tiny Temple Team needs your help!

The lead architects for this year’s tiny temple are Amy Diva and Steve Gonzales, skilled artists who have worked on several amazing projects including the magnificent Crude Awakening.

In order to make this year’s temple a reality they are asking for two things:

  1. Donate your old jigsaw puzzles to the Temple Team! Red and yellow pieces are highly prized.
  2. Volunteer to help glue!

The Temple Team  are wonderful folks, and would love to make your acquaintance while gluing your collective fingers together into a huge Gordian knot of phalanges. For more info contact the Temple Team at