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Give Us a Little Feedback

Friday, September 9th, 2011

How was your slight smidgen of experience? Let us know! Each year after the event, Balsa Man staff play video games, read books, and generally procrastinate as a means to avoid having to do anything to do with Balsa Man. This year we promise to at least think about it a little, maybe when we are in the shower.

This year our theme of “Growing Pains” became quite literal what with the chaos of ticket sales, our very hastily trained Gate staff, and the necessitated moderately dramatic relocation. There are may questions and small hurdles for Balsa Man going forward and we would like to hear your feedback — as long as it isn’t excessively loquacious.

A general response highlighting the most prominent feedback will be posted later on the Balsa Blog. We want to hear from new and old Balsars alike. Please email your comments both good and bad to or in the comments below.

Thanks for taking the tiny amount of time to contribute your thoughts. We promise our intern will at least glean what you have to say. Looking forward to 2012!


Balsa Man Socials: Thursday SF and Friday Oakland!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
Save the Tiny Man, photo by sninky-chan

Save the Tiny Man, photo by sninky-chan

Balsa Man is hosting two pre-burn Balsa Socials after work this Thursday and Friday. We encourage all you tiny art enthusiasts to come enjoy a beer and meet your fellow balsars! A Balsa Man representative will be on hand for sales of tickets, stickers, and patches.

San Francisco Balsa Social

Thursday 6pm at The Sycamore
2140 Mission, between 17th & 18th
Great beers, and delicious tiny sliders!

Oakland Balsa Social

Friday 6pm at The Trappist
460 8th Street
Amazing Belgian specialty beers! The distinguished tiny artist Morleyroarly, lead artist for The Temple of Baby Steps will be there!

Tiny Artists Come Out Of The Woodwork

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Many tiny artists came out of the woodwork and showed up at last night’s Tiny Art Party! Billfrog was there whittling away a block of balsa making the egg chair for his art grant awarded project  Big-Assed Worms.

Billfrog whittles away

 Suzanne Forbes was there creating her largest sculpture yet, a huge phoenix. You may remember Suzanne from some of her gorgeous works from years prior like the magnificent Balsa Betty.

Balsa Pheonix by Suzanne Forbes

Many tiny artists were thankful for the balsa wood and tools provided by the Black Pebble Arts Foundation — which we were able to provide thanks to our donors! New tiny artists such as Tom Cauchois were able to show up with only a ounce of an idea and leave with a finished art project!

COLINWOOD Sign by Tom Cauchois

At the end of the evening Tom had finished his COLINWOOD sign. We interviewed Tom and he had this to say…

My affection for Balsa Man triggered the connection in my brain and heart to combine a “take” on the famous “Harveywood” sign, the name of Colin, founder of Balsa Man, and how his passion for art has turned Baker Beach into a thriving tinytropolis full of art.  I also hoped to create an art platform that would honor all of the fabulous artists whose works have thrilled me since my arrival on baker beach for the first time.

Granted we have no idea what this “famous Harveywood sign” is — when pressed he said it was a in-joke among Black Rock Desert campers — but hey at least it means something to Tom.

The BPAF looks forward to seeing all this tiny art and more at this year’s Balsa Man!

San Diego Balsa Man Regional

Friday, August 19th, 2011

We hear at Balsa Man Org is overwhelmingly excited to announce that the excellent Angelica Aguilar has volunteered to head up San Diego’s first Balsa Man Regional! Angelica is a multi-talented Ecologist, SFX artist, and geek, and a totally bad-assed hoop dancer.

And here she is to announcing the San Diego Balsa Regional in her own words…

San Diego Balsa Man Regional Lead and bad-assed hooper Angelica

San Diego Balsa Man Regional Lead and bad-assed hooper Angelica

San Diego will be hosting it’s very first Balsa Man event on Saturday, Sept. 3 at 5:30pm.  The event will take place at one of the bonfire pits on Fiesta Island (look for the pit with the Balsa Man!).  This year’s man will be 2.5 feet tall, with a fire pit as the base, to celebrate one of San Diego’s favorite summer past times.  The man will burn 7pm, just before sunset.

We look forward to all the tiny art that the community will bring.  Please remember that the burning of artwork, along with cleanup, is the responsibility of the artist.  However, because the man base is a fire pit, we will also permit tiny art to be thrown in after the man falls.  We have a couple tiny DJ sets lined up already, and will have supplies available with which to make tiny s’mores!

More information can be found on the Facebook event page. If you would like to get involved or have questions about the regional you can email

Balsa Man Opera Kunstgruppe

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

After the huge success of last year’s first Balsa Opera, we were overjoyed to receive notice that Fred Rinne is bringing his magic back to Balsa Man 2011! Sunshine was so touched by last year’s opera that she cried.

Balsa Opera by Fred (front)

Balsa Opera by Fred (front)

Balsa Opera by Fred (back)

Balsa Opera by Fred (back)

It is will unreserved glee that we unanimously voted to grant Fred Rinne his full grant request of $5.00 for the Balsa Man Opera Kunstgruppe! Fred Rinne will also be granted a complimentary Balsa Man Sticker and 5 tickets for Balsa Man for his acting troupe.

Big-Assed Worms! (Grant Awardee)

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Last night the Black Pebble Arts Foundation Art Grant Committee met for the first time. And this was the first art grant in out inbox. I mean really…

Big Worms by Billfrog (front)

Big Worms by Billfrog (front)

The description on the back was slightly better. I mean Razor thought the sketch of the worm was rad at least.

Big Worms by Billfrog (back)

Big Worms by Billfrog (back)

Grant committee member Sunshine just wanted to throw it in the trash but we wouldn’t let her. Others wanted to give it a grant for shitz and giggles. If there was anything the committee agreed on it was that “Gimme lots of $ or I’ll poke you w/ my penis”  was not a proper grant request monetary amount.

Razor suggested we just give a grant based on how many letters were in the proposal, which everyone decided was good enough. We even allowed punctuation to count because we were feeling generous.

Congratulations Billfrog you have been awarded a grant of $2.81 and a complimentary sticker and artist ticket to Balsa Man!