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Tiny Art Grant Award: Lil Contessa

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

The Black Pebble Arts Foundation was overjoyed to receive this ambitious proposal for a Tiny Art Car: Lil Contessa — It’s a ship! It’s a car! It’s both and more!

The moment we saw the proposal, every member of the grants review committee was struck by warm waves of déjà vu. While no member could place their finger on the origin of the déjà vu, we all were certain that it had to be awarded a grant!

We are proud to award Joseph Hren and his Tiny Art Car, Lil Contessa our largest award yet of $15!


Lil Contessa, by Joseph Hren - Tiny Art Grant Proposal (front)

Lil Contessa, by Joseph Hren - Tiny Art Grant Proposal (back)

Thanks to Joseph Hren for making tiny art happen and thanks to our donors for funding tiny art!

Tiny Art Grant Award: House on Fire

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

The Black Pebble Arts Foundation is pleased to announce the first Tiny Art Grant award! In keeping with our dedication to our gracious donors, the Balsa Man community, and the principles of honesty and transparency, the BPAF has decided to post all approved tiny art grants to the Balsa Blog category Art Grants.

We are proud to award the first Tiny Art Grant of $5 to Diana Thompson for her tiny art project House on Fire. Diana’s art project struck a cord with every member of the BPAF review board because it would make an beautiful art project both on a small scale and a large scale. There is so much more we could say about her charming project, but instead we will let her proposal speak for itself.


House on Fire

House on Fire (back)

Again, thank you Diana for your wonderful submission!

We greatly encourage all Balsa Man tiny artists to send us a grant request via postcard. Every grant request we receive fills our hearts with joy! And we would not want to disappoint our growing pool of donors who I know would all like to see more tiny art!