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Tiny Bed of Roses (Grant Awardee)

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

This proposal was noticeably much longer than the 100–200 word limit* we have set in the guidelines for grant proposals; so much so that the BPAF grant committee nearly cast it aside immediately. Fortunately, one member made a motion to “at least glean it.” After a quick perusal, we composed the following list of choice words:

  • “misc tiny combustables”
  • “neighborhood”
  • “The Forged City”
  • “transformed by fire”

The BPAF grant committee vote was unanimous with most agreeing that the quoted words fit perfectly with the Balsa Man event, and one member who voted yes purely on the quality of the paper stock (Strathmore Imperial Watercolor 140lb Cold Press).

As a result, the Black Pebble Arts Foundation is proud to announce it’s first tiny art grant award of $5 to Nara Brados for her project Tiny Bed of Roses!

Tiny Bed of Roses (front) by Nara Brados

Tiny Bed of Roses (back) by Nara Brados

*UPDATE TO GRANT GUIDELINES: As a direct result of this proposal, the BPAF has now revised their grant proposal guidelines and the word limit is now 100–150 words in order to reduce eyestrain and work place injuries.

Tiny Art Grant Award: Balsa Cafe & Milk Bar Box Theatre

Friday, August 14th, 2009

The Black Pebble Arts Foundation couldn’t continue to function if it wasn’t for there continual supply of caffeine whether it’s in the form of coffee, yerba mate, tea—I swear one of our members would keel over if she didn’t have her morning “Big Skull ‘O Tea.”

That’s why when Nina Rock sent in her proposal for the Balsa Man Cafe, we all promptly took a swig from our respective mugs and nodded silently in agreement. This project has to go forward! Without a place to fuel up on caffeine at Balsa Man, I have no idea how the members of BPAF would last the entire two and a half hour long event. For the Balsa Man Cafe, BPAF awards a grant of $10, which should buy a bag of beans of at least decent quality.


Nina Rock - Cover Letter & Artist Bio

The Balsa Man Cafe, by Nina Rock - Tiny Art Grant Proposal (front)

The Balsa Man Cafe, by Nina Rock - Tiny Art Grant Proposal (back)

In our jittery enthusiasm to approve the Balsa Cafe, we almost didn’t notice that Nina Rock had included not one but two art grant proposals! Her second proposal, the Milk Bar Box Theatre, sounds like quite the fun project. Admittedly, not all of the art grant review committee were as brewing with ardor for this project; then, finally one member said “come on guys, it’s got LEDs” and thus the committee voted to award it a grant of $5.


The Milk Bar Box Theatre, by Nina Rock - Tiny Art Grant Proposal (front)

The Milk Bar Box Theatre, by Nina Rock - Tiny Art Grant Proposal (back)

Postscript - Nina Rock

Thank you Nina Rock for making coffee & tiny art happen! And thanks to the donors for helping fill everyone’s mugs at Balsa Man!