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New England Balsa Man Regional

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

The following is written by Abe Shultz…

The New England Black Rock Desert Camper Regional, Firefly, usually has a giant bug as the effigy, and this year somehow ended up with a woolly mammoth. In that spirit of change and growth, and in line with the “Growing Pains” theme of this year’s Balsa Man, participants at the NE Balsa Man regional will burn a 2′ effigy of a glowworm. This insect symbolizes our hopes for illumination and the difficulties of ecydysis yielding to mature awareness (and becoming a full-grown bug).

Abe Shultz

Abe Shultz is the regional contact for the New England Balsa Man Regional. He has been attending Firefly for the last four years, as a member of SSRI and Totenkitten. His art has not injured the unwary, but there is always next year.

The regional will take place on Saturday September 3rd somewhere sandy in the Boston/Cape Cod area with the exact time and location to be determined. If you would like to get involved or find out more you can contact Abe at

The Balsa Man Org continues to encourage new regional balsa burns around the country and the world! If you would like to host your own regional burn and are interesting in receiving a tiny art grant please review our Balsa Regionals page.

Toothpick Man, Near End of the Beach Regional

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The BPAF has just received this marvelous little grant request and regional proposal. We all immediately loved the idea as, as we know it is a small struggle to cross all that sand.

Toothpick Man, Near End of the Beach Regional

Keith Schon

Toothpicks, photo by Svenneman

Toothpicks, photo by Svenneman

I had a lot of fun last year participating in Balsa Man: volunteering at the Cafe, driving my RC art car around.  But the fact of the matter is, hauling all that stuff all the way to the far end of the beach is a pain in the ass.  It takes a lot of time, preparation, and endurance.  And all the “coping” — sand in my shoes, trying hard to find people… geeze!  I can’t do that every year.

This year, I want there to be an alternative for all those people who can’t get their act together in time for Balsa Man.  I intend to hold an even tinier event:  “Toothpick Man”.  This will be held in the parking lot, or at the base of the stairs, depending on  circumstances.  The scale for this event will be approximately 1/5 that of Balsa Man, (i.e. 1/80 scale).  It will involve creature-comforts that are simply not available at the far end of the beach.

Grant requested:  $5 * 1/5 = $1

Simply bitsy brilliant Keith! We are more than happy to award you your grant of $1 and we will also be sending you a 1/5th size official regional certificate.

Balsa Blighty Update!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

From Miss Cheeky herself…

Balsa Big Ben

Balsa Big Ben

Balsa Big Ben is 99% complete and we are putting on the finishing touches Sunday.  We’ve been hard at work cutting, swearing, gluing, drinking, sanding, and throwing our arms up in frustration… this last bit was when we found ourselves out of both glue and drink. Oh dear! We have powered through the difficult times and managed to get done without firing any volunteers or having any visits to medical professionals.

The Balsa Blighty Tiny Art Team met last night to review art grant submissions and a £5 art grant was awarded to Super Chicken of Balsa Blighty – a 6-8inch tall Super Chicken/ Rooster. It’s more of a Chicken so we shall call him a Chicken. He is made from several customized sizes of strike-on-the-box matches and clear glue. The frame of his body at least, the exterior of him will be covered in raffia of several colours depending on the location and appropriate colour. Cardboard may also be involved as well as a mysterious 3rd foot to make sure he stands upright.

Our other art projects include:

  • Tiny Nowhere Omnibus – scheduled, on-time, public transport and tiny art tours. Complete with tiny passengers. Ding! Ding!
  • Greening Balsa Blighty – trees trees everywhere making Balsa Blighty a greener sight to behold for all, tiny or otherwise.
  • Mini Quixote’s Cabaret – the playa’s favourite British pub in a wee size!

We have also heard rumours of doves, mini ball bits, a flea circus acting as rangers, and perhaps even a tiny Gladys the Green Goddess. Gladys is part of the Nowhere Fire Service and is a much loved member of our community – more about the big size can be found on the Facebook page

I’m back to sniff some more balsa glue and finish the Big Ben!

I’m so excited for this! And we found a great location too! For location information for Balsa Blighty email


Balsa Man Japan Is Nearly Upon Us!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Balsa Man Japan is nearly here! This Sunday August 29th the lil guy burns. As you can see, Maki and her crew the built an amazing creation.

Balsa Man Japan sits waiting for the burn!

Balsa Man Japan sits waiting for the burn!

It’s shaping up to be a don’t miss event—and sadly since BART doesn’t yet have a Tokyo station, I won’t be there. If you are planning on going make sure to review the Balsa Man Japan Tiny Map and read the Balsa Man Japan Survival Guide. Some wonderful tiny art and minute vehicles are going to be there, check out the photos below (more photos are on the Balsa Man Japan Flickr Group.

Cat Bus for Balsa Man Japan, photo by cabcab

Cat Bus for Balsa Man Japan, photo by cabcab

Lamp fighters, back stage, photo by ijinden

Lamp fighters, back stage, photo by ijinden

Minneapolis Balsa Man Regional (Summer Edition)

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Minneapolis Balsa Man Regional (Summer Edition)The twin cities has so much enthusiasm for all that is tiny that it can’t be contained by merely having one Balsa Regional! ! Now you may remember that Cali “Starfive” Mansty lead Paul Balsa Bunyan Man Regional in Minneapolis last February coinciding with the amazing Tiny Shanty art project.

Not willing to leave this summer lacking in all that is tiny, the excellent Felix Strates is hosting “With a Cherry on Top” the Minneapolis Balsa Man Regional (Summer Edition): Sept 4th, 7-12pm in Minneapolis (exact location to be determined.

For more information check out the Facebook invite: Minneapolis Balsa Man Regional Summer Edition: With a Cherry on Top or email Felix the regional lead at

Black Rock Balsa Regional 2010, Sept 3rd

Friday, July 30th, 2010
Steve Courtney, Black Rock Balsa Man Regional Lead

Steve Courtney, Regional Lead for Black Rock Balsa Man

We are proud to announce that Steve Courtney has stepped up as this year’s Black Rock Regional Lead! Steve and his desert pals have a small camp they call the Fandango Village where they have generously offered to host the Black Rock Balsa Man Regional:

“As a second-year participant in the Black Rock Balsa Man regional, I have a little bit of experience, and a smidgen of enthusiasm that I intend to bring to the event. Please stop by the Fandango Village bar to help in Tiny Art-Building Happy Hours, from 5-8pm on Wednesday and Thursday before the regional burn. 3:30 and Esplanade.”

While I personally know nothing of this desert many seem so fond of, I imagine Fandango Village bar is a nice cozy camp with a small shade structure and a couple camp chairs—I mean really what more do you need?

Black Rock Balsa Man RegionalBlack Rock Balsa Man Regional

Friday Sept. 3rd
5pm-6pm be on time as basla burns fast!
Fandango Village, 3:30 & Esplanade
facebook event page

Make Tiny Art in the Desert!

Fandango is inviting tiny artists to join them at the Fandango Village bar for Tiny Art Build Happy Hour on Wednesday, Sept 1st and Thursday the 2nd, from 5-8pm. Facebook event for the Tiny Art Build Happy Hour

We also encourage people to come to any of the upcoming bay area Tiny Art Build Parties and make tiny art before they leave for the desert.

Everyone here at Balsa Man HQ are truly thrilled that Steve Courtney and his small coterie of camping pals have stepped up offer a modicum of fun to those camping in the Black Rock Desert. last year’s Black Rock Balsa Regional seemed like it was a itty bitty blast! We hope that this diminutive event inspires these desert campers to get up off of their camp chairs and one day make their own event—maybe even something bigger than Balsa Man!