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Tiny Art Grant Award: Pig-E-Smalls

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

We were surprised that this art grant proposal fit through the mailbox. Measuring a whopping 7 7/16 inches wide, 5 3/8 inches tall, and 1/4 inch deep, this foam-core grant proposal could only be called a postcard in the barest sense of the word.

Now some may assume that the Balsa Man Org may have a bias against the artificial and non-burn-freindly material foamcore. It is true of course that the Black Pebble Arts Foundation does have a member of the Balsa Lobby on it’s board; however, this in no way influences our the the decisions of the BPAF tiny art grant review committee. Also, we understand that  some artists were trained in this foamcore medium and have yet to acquire the proper training to work in balsa wood.

No matter our feelings regarding foamcore, the entire tiny art grant review committee was ecstatic about this tiny art car proposal. Between this and Lil Contessa we are uncertain which tiny art car we are eagerly anticipating most. Also, we are all in agreement that this is one of our favorite art grant proposal designs yet!

Pig-E-Smalls (front)

Pig-E-Smalls (back)

Congratulations Simon on your amazing Pig-E-Smalls tiny art car! The BPAF has decided to award you $15 plus 31¢ so that next time you can afford proper postage.

Tiny Art Grant Award: The Roving Hoagie

Friday, August 14th, 2009

At first the BPAF review committee had no idea what to make of this art grant proposal. It caused quite an uproar—seriously it took two hours to calm down Sunshine, who kept yelling about how “PETA would never stand for this.

Another reviewer started furiously digging through our bylaws to see if animals are even allowed at Balsa Man. To top it all of, Randy Razorwire started shouting “it’s obviously an ad! We can’t give this capitalist stooge a single red cent.

The Roving Hoagie by Sandwich and the Roving Hoagie Team, Tiny Art Grant Proposal (front)

Then after Sunshine took a Xanax and Razorwire took a smoke break, then somebody, finally somebody, had the foresight to turn the postcard over…

The Roving Hoagie by Sandwich and the Roving Hoagie Team, Tiny Art Grant Proposal (back)

Oh.” was the only word said for about five minutes.

A sandwich on wheels with a firecracker shoved in it. Now that is a piece of art the BPAF can stand behind. That is art that makes sense.

Razorwire was still against it because what he felt was an “obvious capitalist attempt to destroy the very heart of Balsa Man,” but the rest of us felt the Roving Hoagie was a great idea totally deserving of a tiny art grant award of $5.

Congratulations Sandwich Girl and the rest of Team Hoagie!

Tiny Art Grant Award: Lil Contessa

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

The Black Pebble Arts Foundation was overjoyed to receive this ambitious proposal for a Tiny Art Car: Lil Contessa — It’s a ship! It’s a car! It’s both and more!

The moment we saw the proposal, every member of the grants review committee was struck by warm waves of déjà vu. While no member could place their finger on the origin of the déjà vu, we all were certain that it had to be awarded a grant!

We are proud to award Joseph Hren and his Tiny Art Car, Lil Contessa our largest award yet of $15!


Lil Contessa, by Joseph Hren - Tiny Art Grant Proposal (front)

Lil Contessa, by Joseph Hren - Tiny Art Grant Proposal (back)

Thanks to Joseph Hren for making tiny art happen and thanks to our donors for funding tiny art!