Tiny Art & Grants

A little destruction of little art (photo by achemical)

A little destruction of little art (photo by achemical)

Throughout the years, it was our community of tiny artists that made Balsa Man what it was.

We are no longer organizing an official Balsa Man event but we are leaving up the Tiny Art Guidelines and Tiny Art Grant rules as a historical record. Our hope is that it may serve as a bit of inspiration to people who want to create their own small event.

Tiny Art Guidelines

There are no registration requirements for artists; however, we do ask that artists abide by the following rules:

  1. Please notify us that you are planning on bringing art.
  2. Art should be tiny and at least approximately to scale: ie., no overshadowing the Balsa Man with your 8 foot sculpture of a praying mantis. Scale is 1/16th; the Balsa Man himself is 2.5 foot from his foot to the top of his head. However, there is no need for your art to be exact. An RC car is a great scale for a miniture art car and a normal action figure is perfect for a scale version of a raver or jaded artist.
  3. Even your burn should be to scale. Artwork burns should be fairly short in duration and small and contained—no large bonfire burns. The artist who created the work is responsible for ignition, fire safety, and cleanup.
  4. We ask that all artists be set up by 6pm—don’t be late as the event is as short as it is tiny.
  5. Most importantly Leave No Trace! This is especially true for artists who are burning their work. Remember to bring a flashlight as it will be dark while we are cleaning up.

Tiny Art Grants

The Black Pebble Arts Foundation is pleased to announce that they will be handing out grants for this year’s Balsa Man. We entreat all our tiny artists to send us grant requests. Due to the generousity of our donors, we have an art budget just waiting to fund tiny art. And remember our grants may be as tiny as your art but every little bit counts!

  • Art grant proposals will be judged on their individual merits irrespective of the theme. While we are interested in art that works with this year’s theme, it is not a requirement to receive a grant, nor will artists receive a grant just because it fits the theme.
  • Artists with multiple projects should submit a grant request for each art project.
  • Grants are available in $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 increments—please indicate the amount you are seeking in your request. More involved projects with higher grant requests of $30–$50 may be proposed; however, only a few artists will be able to receive this amount.
  • Grant requests should include a brief 100-150 word description and/or sketch of your art project.
  • We request all grant requests to be sent via postcard. Email grant requests are also accepted; however, postcards are given preferential treatment.
  • Grant Requests will be reviewed and awarded as they are received.
  • Deadline for receiving all grants is August 25th 2012—so get your request in soon! Art budget will fluxuate as we receive donations and hand out grants.
  • All approved grants will be posted in our Balsa Blog category: Art Grants. The BPAF has decided to post every grant awarded in respect to the principles of honesty and transparency, our gracious donors, and the Balsa Man community.