Balsa Man 2020

The special Balsa Man 2020 event was a smashing success! Black Pebble City grew throughout the day thanks to everyone who participated by making tiny art to fill out the city! From teeny tents to puny porto-potties to balsa sculptures of all types to tiny mutant vehicles!

A big thanks also goes out to the volunteers who helped make it happen! The Balsa Man KCrew labored away to build the Man. The Dept of Tiny Works helped lay out the streets and put up the tiny trash fence. And the Artery helped run the art workshop and helped tiny artists find the perfect place for their work in Black Pebble City.

Also, of course, a big thanks to the Oakland Museum of California for their support in bringing back Balsa Man one last time!

If you missed the Balsa Man events which ran from 2008-2012, we encourage you to visit History of Balsa Man.

Get the Balsa Man 2020 Patch!

Balsa Man 2020 Patch

Balsa Man 2020 patches are still available for purchase! All proceeds go to support the Oakland Museum of California! You can purchase patches at the Museum Store or on this website here — also if you run into the Balsa Man founder he’ll likely have some on him for purchase. Patches are 2.5″x3″ and have an iron on back.

This is a limited print run. Once they are gone they are gone!

Balsa Man 2020 – Build

Balsa Man 2020 – Black Pebble City

Balsa Man 2020 – Burn