Jumping the shark at Balsa Man 2011 (photo by Jeremy Fitzhardinge)

Jumping the shark at Balsa Man 2011 (photo by Jeremy Fitzhardinge)

Without each participant of Balsa Man giving their ounce of passion the event would have nothing more than a diminutive man waiting to be set ablaze.

How to Participate

  • Create Tiny Art! The theme for this year is “On Display” — tiny art does not have to relate to the theme but we encourage all to explore the theme of On Display, whatever that means to you. We invite all Balsa Man artists to either create art ahead of time or create art on the day of the event!
  • Build a Minuscule Art Car! As this Balsa Man 2020 is on concrete rather than sand, it will be a great year for bringing your tiny art car!
  • Join Balsa DTW! It’s only a small city to build so Balsa Dept. of Tiny Works is a pretty low responsibility job. Still what would the event be without the DTW? Before the event, the Balsa DTW is responsible for: creating the 3×5″ Burma Shave signs leading into the event, helping mark the Streets with chalk, installing up the tiny trash fence—yes we do have a tiny trash fence, and helping artists place their tents and art. After the event, the Balsa DTW is responsible for removal of the trash fence and helping with cleanup. During the event, the Balsa DPW is responsible for being as snarky as they wanna be.
  • Join the Balsa Man KCrew! The Balsa Man himself is diminutive yet he is intricate. We need help with chopping, gluing, snacks, and transportation.
  • Host a Balsa Build Night! Making tiny art is best enjoyed in groups. With the ability to collectively share tools, glue, and ideas (and whiskey), creativity flourishes—plus it’s a great way to meet people.
  • Host a Balsa Regional in your home town! If you are a tiny art enthusiast and can’t make it to the main event think about hosting your own Balsa Regional.
  • Write for the Balsa Blog! We will be using the Balsa Blog to showcase all our tiny artists but in order to make that happen we need to bring in a few talented writers so as to make this site great.

If you would like to find out more about bringing art to the event or volunteering then write!